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Corporate x Startup Innovation with Merck and Trusted Doctors
Join our panel discussion on 10/31 with Sophie SUN, Head of Merck China Innovation Hub and Martin SHEN, co-founder of Trusted Doctors to discuss Corporate-Startup Collaboration + Revolutionizing Healthcare & Life Science in China. Sophie Sun is the Vice President, is the Head of Merck China Innovation Hub, and Head of Merck Strategy and Transformation China. Sophie will discuss industry innovation with us from the perspective of MNC. Martin Shen is a successful entrepreneur with over 19 years of healthcare experience spanning clinical practice, hospital management and healthcare IT. He co-founded the innovative & disruptive Mobile Healthcare Startup Trusted Doctors. Dr. Shen will discuss industry innovation with us from the perspective of a startup. 10月31日晚,我们将和默克中国的创新中心负责人孙正洁女士及杏仁医生的创始人马丁医生一起讨论跨国公司与初创企业的创新以及正在变革中的医疗健康及生命科学行业。 孙正洁女士现任默克中国副总裁、默克中国创新中心负责人、默克中国战略及转型负责人。她将从跨国企业角度对行业创新进行解读。 马丁医生是一名拥有超过19年医疗健康经验(包括临床实践、医院管理和医疗信息化)的成功创业者。他联合创立了兼具创新性和革命性的移动医疗公司杏仁医生。马丁医生将从初创企业角度对行业创新进行解读。 Time & Venue 时间地点 10/31, Wednesday, 7:00-10:00PM naked Hub@Fuxing Lu 5/F, 1237 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu 复兴中路1237号5楼, 近襄阳南路 Event Agenda 活动安排 7:00PM Networking, wine and light dinner 观众注册,酒水及晚餐 8:00PM Panel Discussion and Q&A 嘉宾访谈及提问 9:00PM Discussion and networking 自由互动环节 Register Now 立即注册 Early-Bird Ticket at 80 RMB per person before Oct 19th, Standard Ticket at 120 RMB per person. Drinks & light dinner included! 10月19日前早鸟票80元每人,标准票120元每人,包含酒水和简餐! 90-Sec Pitch 展示环节 In 90 seconds, pitch your startup to our audience and speakers, for recruitment, funding or identifying partners. To apply, please fill in the survey below. 在90秒里,向嘉宾和现场朋友们碰碰你的初创公司的想法,招聘也好,融资也行,或者找创业合伙人。申请展示名额,填写下方问卷即可。 Apply Now 立即申请 Sponsor 赞助商 Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Innovation Center was solely invested and run by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corporation. As a business incubator, Innovation Center has committed itself to cultivating and supporting technology-intensive enterprises and promoting commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of scientific and technological achievements. 上海漕河泾新兴技术开发区科技创业中心(简称“创业中心”)是由上海市漕河泾新兴技术开发区发展总公司独资及运营。作为商业孵化器,创业中心致力于孵化及扶持技术为主的企业、并推广商业化、行业化、国际化的高科成就。 About us 关于我们 Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1 million entrepreneurs in over 365 cities. In Shanghai, we've been trying to build up a community for entrepreneur since 2013. Startup Grind是全球最大的独立创业社区,在365多个城市中积极地启蒙、激励和连接着约100万名创业者。自2013年以来,我们一直努力着在上海为创业者建立起一个社区。

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