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The journey of a startup is quite challenging and strenuous before it turns itself into the next big thing.You start really the moment some idea has taken over all other aspects of your life.Then you look for people.Then you want to process it.Then the process builds a product.Then the product goes to the world.World decides how exactly you did! In this journey often,there are a lot of omen's you have to rely on before taking the next step.For eg in case of most successful ideas,success is mildly tasted somewhere in between process and product itself.The most challenging aspect really is what happens till then.And that's the real journey.

We plan to achieve following aims from these meetups :

1. Professional and Proven guidance to early stage founders.

2. Networking opportunities with shortlisted attendees of the meetup to collaborate and work with.

3. Pitch of the B-Plan in the meetups and a feedback session.

4. Convincing founders will also be introduced to the potential Angel Investors.

5. Also,it is an aim here to promote and encourage the bright students who have decided to pave an entrepreneurial path for themselves.

Teachers,Professors,Students,Founders,Co-founders,Investors,Media are the one's who would find themselves comfortable as a part of this meetup.

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Myra Innovations

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