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In agreement with the former organiser, Startup Motor will soon be managed by startupnetzwerk.org (http://startupnetzwerk.org/en) that also runs Oxford Founders and Entrepreneurs (http://bit.ly/oxfounders).


Below you find the former group description.

“The dream of the last century was to own a home. The dream of this century will be to own a company. Working for somebody else is like being a renter for your whole life. In the twenty-first century, we’ll all aspire to own a much larger piece of our lives.” Chris Dixon

Most of us still approach startups with a 20th century mindset. Focus on the idea. And follow the X-factor/Pop Idol approach – "pick me and give me lots of money".

It is a lot harder than that. As Gabriel Weinberg put it –

“Most startups don’t fail at building a product. They fail at acquiring customers”.

Our three key facts…

GROWTH: You are building a company, not just a product. And at the core of every successful company is a revenue engine. One which brings in the money which funds everything else. Building Traction is your number one priority.

TECHNOLOGY: Every company is now a technology company. If you aren’t using technology brilliantly so you can disrupt everyone else’s business model, someone else out there will do it against you. Building a technology platform is your key task - technology is everyone’s edge and the technology expert is now the best founder.

SPEED: Business plans used to change slowly - you could take your time building a new product. Now the average product life is under two years and organisations change their whole business model every decade. Your startup should come to life in months, not years, or your product will be out of date by the time you launch.

Growth | Technology | Speed

We have innovative plans to solve all three. Come and explore the options with us.

But we have three other ideas too

LEARN: Malcolm Gladwell outlined the 10,000 hour rule to gain a skill. We believe founders should practice and hone their skills in gaining traction, building revenue, handling technology and managing logistics before launching their big idea. We’re creating a school for founders to do just that.

COLLABORATE: Most founders struggle to find good co-founders. And find that they split the company into segments by doing so – a CTO, CSO etc., with a single point of failure for each. Virtual C is a modern mentoring system which gives founders the expertise they need, without tying up equity. People with experience and domain knowledge who come in as partners for the pitching stage, then step back when the company is ready to recruit the right people to drive it forward.

SHARE: Most good ideas never even reach startup stage as the founder doesn’t want to leave their job, hasn’t the skills etc. Many aren’t big enough to justify a separate startup, though they could be a profitable product for the right company. Probably 99% or more of ideas never happen. We funnel good ideas to people who can make them work, sharing profits equitably and making more people entrepreneurs.

Learn | Collaborate | Share

If you want to learn, have a good idea, or skills which can benefit a startup we want to hear from you.

And remember…

“If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

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