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Startup Ohio - A Statewide organization to develop Ohio's Startup Economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ohio is the 19th largest economy in the world and 7th in the USA. However, according to the Kauffman Foundation, we rank only 32nd among states in Entrepreneurial Activity. This is a big hindrance to Ohio's future growth. 43% of new jobs are created by entrepreneurs and startup companies, thus if we want more Ohio jobs then we need to do a better job of helping startups.

Startup Ohio is Ohio People using Ohio money to help Ohio Startups create Ohio Jobs. We want to keep Ohio money and Ohio brainpower in Ohio, I am tired of losing people and businesses to California and elsewhere because they don't feel that there is enough support in Ohio. We wish to build an Ohio confederated ecosystem of entrepreneurs that is unique to Ohio and the envy of other states.

Startup Ohio is an umbrella organization vaguely similar in nature to JobsOhio, that is dedicated to creating more startups and more jobs in Ohio thru the power and possibilities of entrepreneurship, small business development, business startups, better funding and crowdfunding, education, charity orgs, etc. We are a community-owned and community managed, statewide umbrella organization.

We are not just a social group, we are very project oriented. We want to MAKE IT HAPPEN! just not talk and do nothing. The important part is we have about 20 different major projects listed so far and need your help. We want to define what is holding Ohio back from being permanently in the top 5 best startup states and create a master plan to fix those problems. Who would be better at coming up with solutions than the entrepreneurs themselves?!

If you want to help in anyway please join our group and email Alex at startupohio@hotmail.com and we will go from there. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, no matter what your experience or talents.

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Dublin Entrepreneurial Center

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