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What we're about

What is this Meetup Group about
Startup Saturday - Navi Mumbai aims to fuel the Entrepreneur in you.

Who should join
This meetup is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs (age group no barrier), early stage startups and anyone who has a start-up product idea in mind and wants to share his/her idea with the community.

Why should you join ?

We're looking to fuel an idea and there is no better place to begin that journey with a group that shares the same synergy and also has people who have traversed the journey. The objective is to Learn, Collaborate and Share with the community.

What members can expect

• Introductions [2 min]

• 2 Entrepreneur Stories [20 min]

• Talk on a business/technology use case - [20 min]

• Lightning Pitch - [3 of 10 min]

• Open House discussion [optional 20 min]

• Networking and Snacks [45 Min]

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