Keynote Robert Schwertner: Blockchain@ Groningen Ostfriesland Oldenburg &Emsland

Startup Scene GOOE Groningen Ostfriesland Oldenburg Emsland
Startup Scene GOOE Groningen Ostfriesland Oldenburg Emsland
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Johan Modastraat 6

Johan Modastraat 6 · Winschoten

How to find us

Parking at the corner Johan Modastraat /burgemeester Schönfeldsingel. A CORA banner will flag the entrance, where you'll find a door and a doorbell.

Location image of event venue


JP can help you getting in! [masked].
To the left of the building are lights, a fence and a door. Plus a "HIER BELLEN"sign which you can use.

He's used to talking on C-level, to world leaders in Davos and now he'll be at GOOE!
Mr. Robby Schwertner, or @cryptorobby as many will know him, will be our speaker tonight! He'll be talking blockchain mostly, and maybe a touch of cryptocurrency.

What influences, challenges, and opportunities does the Blockchain bring to our region? Which ones for small and medium-sized enterprises? And what does all this mean for you? Exclusively for GOOE,​ the Austrian - one of the leading blockchain experts in Europe - will give us insights and prospects.

Is it hype, or should we compare this with the introduction of the internet 1996 for the masses or iPhone? Or is it something in between?

We will meet in the Netherlands this time, in Winschoten (City of Oldambt). It's a city known for Einkäufe, roses, mills and a thriving group of Entrepreneurs, offline as well as online. They provide the location as well as the catering for free!
Oldambt is one of the participating partners of CORA, a European initiative on empowering the EU rural areas by improving the digital infrastructure. Just look at the site!

We have come up with an exciting agenda which includes
>> room for 5 PITCHES for plans, big ideas, or a start-up AND a financial appreciation/cash support! <<

Not just blockchain-related plans, if you're a pensionado, a chemist, or a farmer with a great idea: Welcome!
Some (mini-)angels have said they'd join us as well so if you're an entrepreneur: Grab this change. The first 5 applications can pitch, the others will be added to a waiting list.

At the entrance, you are asked to pay something that looks like an entrance fee, but you'll find out it is NO ENTRANCE FEE at all.
We can only accept notes, preferably in 5 euro notes. Per 5 euro, you'll receive a token (up to 4 per person), which cannot be used for drinks but will be your way to show you appreciation for the pitches.
If you struggle, you're of course welcome without these 5 euro!

Language: English for the speaker and the program, Dutch & Deutsch in smaller groups if you're all OK with that. Pitches preferably also in English, or make sure you have some flyers! The organization Team has the skills to translate.

Please prepare for a titillating evening!

Find out more on Robert Schwertner here:
On CORA and Oldambt:
Fremdenverkehr (VVV)