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Startup Ecosystems are only as successful as the entrepreneurs and startup organizations that take part in it. However, supporting the growth of your startup ecosystem usually takes much time and delays your ability to work on your own projects.
In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of helping your startup ecosystem grow by taking an active part in it while having those benefits positively influence your own projects.
We will also discuss tested ways to grow and support your local startup ecosystem and community as well as best practices that worked well in many countries and cities.

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The lessons that will be shared in this webinar are part of what we have learned while running the City Partnership program with leading private sector startup organizations around the world.
StartupBlink has also partnered with dozens of municipalities and governments as public sector ecosystem partners.

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What will you learn in this great lecture?

- The benefits of supporting your startup ecosystem
- Most important activities and recommended strategies to feature your champion ecosystem and ultimately boost its perception on a local and global scale
- How to connect entrepreneurs and “bring the magic” to your community
- Opportunities to work with StartupBlink on City Partnership for the private sector and Ecosystem Partnership for the public sector
- There will also be time for Q&A, so get your questions ready!

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The Speaker:
Eli David is the co-founder of StartupBlink (, a global map and research center of startup ecosystems, supported by 90 meetup communities around the world, featured in dozens of articles, including Forbes and Business Insider.

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Looking to promote your organization within your ecosystem?
We are excited to launch a new product that is focused on getting traction and awareness for your project while connecting with your local community. We only accept one organization per city. Check out the details here: