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Why should you join the StartupBlink Networking Meetup?

Do you want to meet like-minded entrepreneurs? Grow your business faster? Find co-founders or partners?

This meetup facilitates casual networking events that will allow you to make the valuable contacts necessary to grow your startup.

Our Monthly Networking Meetups are organized in dozens of cities around the world, either by volunteers or exclusive Community Leaders (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/com... (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/communityleaders/)) in each city.

Other than our monthly Networking events, we also feature events offered by the community (that’s you!).

Another great way for you to network and expand your business connections is to join a coworking space! Members of the group are eligible for up to 15% discount from our partners at WeWork, the world’s leading coworking network! https://wework.startupblink.com/

What is StartupBlink?

StartupBlink is an interactive global startup ecosystem map and research center featuring tens of thousands of listed startups, coworking spaces, and accelerators. Add yours as well to Shanghai Startup Map -

Who organizes the events?

The events are organized by the members of the group. If you like, you can choose the location and take charge of our next monthly networking event (just send us a message). You may also become our exclusive Shanghai Community Leader (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/com... (http://startupservices.startupblink.com/communityleaders/)).

Looking for a coworking space in Shanghai? Check out all the options along with prices, photos, member reviews and more on Coworker.com https://www.coworker.com/china/shanghai

All meetups are hosted in accordance with the terms of use posted on https://www.startupblink.com/blog/terms-conditions/

Upcoming events (5+)

Startup Pitching Online

Online Webinar

Learn about innovative startup projects, and pitch yours! Get advice from startup founders and experts. Gain confidence and prepare to impress people at your next opportunity. ------ *** Mark your attendance here (top-right of the page), then sign up using this link, spaces are limited. https://webinar.startupblink.com/pitching Spots are limited. We will have time for max. 10 startups pitching at any event. Sign up now to secure your spot. ------ - Join as a listener or as one of the teams pitching - Practice your pitch to gain confidence and improve your public speaking skills - Test your idea and refine it based on the feedback from other founders and experts - Not ready to pitch? Get inspired by other projects, discover new trends, share your feedback, and expand your horizons while watching other people pitch - Connect to other startup founders from around the world in our interactive chat ------ We would like to take this chance to tell you about an amazing offer from our partners at WeWork. StartupBlink members can now schedule a free tour at WeWork Coworking spaces and get up to 15% discount. Register: https://wework.startupblink.com


Shanghai New International Expo Centre

ABOUT US Every month StartupBlink Curators bring you the most interesting startup events in your city. Our team is supported by WeWork, world’s leading coworking offices, who offer up to 15% discount to our members. You can claim your discount and schedule a free tour here: https://wework.startupblink.com ABOUT THIS EVENT This event is organized by 4YFN. *** Mark your attendance here (top-right of the page), then register using the link below *** https://www.4yfn.com/shanghai/ Follow this link for the most up-to-date info about event’s time and location. The world’s most influential #startup event, @4YFN_MWC is returning to Shanghai – this time with big investors & corporate partners! Don’t miss out on groundbreaking startups and a full program of challenging ideas and heated debates. Tickets on sale now! https://www.4yfn.com/shanghai/ We have free tickets for 5 people, write to [masked] asap to claim them! ____

How to Hire and Manage Remote Teams

Online Webinar

This event is brought to you thanks to our partnership with WeWork - coworking offices designed for effective work. Check out their amazing offer with up to 15% discount here: http://wework.startupblink.com/ - - - Hiring is a big step in the life of every business, and hiring remotely is an opportunity to do so in a cost-effective way, using a wide pool of talent. This trend is only about to get stronger, and mastering it is a vital skill for every business owner. Are you looking for the best ways to hire and manage remote teams? This webinar is for you! *** Please register using this link, spaces are limited: http://webinar.startupblink.com/ *** This lecture is based on the experiences of Eli David, the co-founder of StartupBlink, a global map and research center of startup ecosystems, supported by 90 meetup communities around the world, featured in dozens of articles including Forbes and Business Insider. Eli is a digital nomad since 2010 who has lived/traveled in more than 60 countries and is constantly changing locations every few months. Read more on this lifestyle in Eli’s Blog&Podcast- BecomeNomad (http://www.becomenomad.com/), and in this CNN article (http://money.cnn.com/interactive/technology/15-questions-with-eli-david/index.html). - - - What you'll learn in this great lecture: - The best techniques to hire and manage freelancers from around the world to help you grow your business. - A discussion about trends in hiring platforms, and how to manage them wisely (e.g. Upwork). - Eli’s lifestyle of constant travel pushed him to specialize in working with online teams, and he will share his experience and insights about managing a remote workspace. - There will also be plenty of time for Q&A's, so get your questions ready! *** Please register using this link, spaces are limited: http://webinar.startupblink.com/ *** - - - Did you know that StartupBlink just published startup city rankings featuring 1000 best startup cities? The report gained a global media coverage and was mentioned by top government officials (e.g. Israel's Prime Minister). Your startup's success largely depends on your location, so check how your city is ranked here: https://startupservices.startupblink.com/ecosystem-report/ - - - Looking for a cowoking space, to make remote work more efficient? Our partners at WeWork are offering up to 15% discount in over 600 coworking spaces around the world, exclusive to StartupBlink members. This discount will expire soon, so you should hurry up! Not sure about it? Start by scheduling a free tour to explore one of WeWork offices designed for effective work. http://wework.startupblink.com/

Weekend Coffee for Startup People


Any plans for the weekend? This event brings together a small group of local entrepreneurs over a cup of coffee, in a relaxing and informal atmosphere. It's your chance to make new connections, share advice, and brainstorm new ideas with the people that are trying to build a new project or start a freelancing career. This event is self-organized for the local startup community. If you arrive first at the cafe, just pick a table and post in the group comments below where you are sitting and how to identify you (e.g. shirt color). Are you interested in leading this event on a weekly basis? Send us a quick email to [masked] to get more details. Enjoy your coffee with new friends! _ _ _ Do you Telegram? Join the conversation in our global startup chat and connect with entrepreneurs from all over the world. https://t.me/workjams _ _ _ Looking for more networking opportunities? Join a coworking space to increase your work efficiency and meet your new clients, team members, and investors. Our partners at WeWork have an exclusive offer for you in over 280 locations around the world. Schedule a free tour and apply through this link, to get up to 15% discount. https://wework.startupblink.com

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Weekend Coffee for Startup People


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