What we're about

We all make mistakes with our Startups.

The problem with mistakes is that, by definition, we don't realize we're doing them.

And there lies the biggest issue for Early Startups and Entrepreneurs:

A lack of Knowledge, Support and Guidance.

Thing is:

There really is no logic in making mistakes that others already have.

By all means make new ones, but do not repeat the same mistakes.

Question is:

How do we avoid making mistakes that other startups already have?


We hustle, learn and share knowledge on best practices in events covering topics like:

- Generating business ideas
- How to validate ideas and ensure customers will buy your product
- Understanding startup economics and financials
- How to create product features that solve customer pain points
- How to build and launch products that hit the market running
- Building audiences
- Marketing (SEO, Lead Gen, Content, CRO, Social etc)
- Building different startups such as: SAAS, Platforms, Health Tech, Ed Tech etc
- Personal development
- And a whole lot more

This is an engaging community where Every Event is Fun and you will get Actionable takeaways that you can implement instantly in your business.

To create the highest value and effective learning environment we stay in touch with you.

We get your feedback on the topics of most interest and concern so that we cover those during the events too.


If you're an Entrepreneur with an Early Stage Startup then our events are for you because we have one focus:

What can we do to build startups that do not fail?

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Action Packed Value From 3 Irresistible Entrepreneurial Figures

The results of the Polls came in and you wanted 3 speakers to get more value and variation out of the events. So that's what we did. The First Speaker is a highly accomplished Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur. She has heaps of experience and wisdom to share that we can all learn from. She will be talking to us about Content Marketing and how to apply it into all aspects of your Startup Messaging to attract and engage more customers. Whether its via social posts, blogs, video or any other format knowing how to use your content to get your customers hungry for more is an undeniable advantage for your business. The Second Speaker is the Co-Founder of one of the most successful Travel Startups in the region. He will be sharing insights from building a 500 million revenue company and what we can learn to do the same. You don't want to miss this! The Third Speaker is a mentor with Young Arab Leaders. 3x Entrepreneur and SEO Technical Specialist. He's worked with brand names such as Dubizzle and Al-Tibbi (Mena regions First and Largest Digital Health Platform). He will be enlightening us with insights into how to ensure your SEO is on-point so that you can drive more organic traffic to your business. And is there anyone that doesn't want organic traffic? THE NAMES OF THE SPEAKERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PAID EVENT (75 - 100 AED). ONLY 33 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR THIS GROUP THEN RSVP WILL CLOSE (IN TOTAL THERE WILL BE 100 ATTENDEES). THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE BECAUSE WE CANNOT EXCEED THE VENUE LIMIT. SO ACT QUICKLY. Looking forward to meeting you there. This is going to be an incredibly value packed event and because of the number of attendees the networking potential will be through the roof. See you soon!

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