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Kids/Teens/Fams Kickstart Random Acts of Kindness Challenge & Bully Prevention
Let's bring kids / teens / families together to brainstorm / launch a random acts of kindness challenge in our community and discuss ideas to prevent bullying and promote peacekeeping. Like minds lets gather and formulate a plan to challenge each other in our community to perform random acts of kindness. Why? Many parents come to me and tell me their child feels left out or wants to make friends. Lets help create connections and use a positive message to inspire kids and teens to take action and recognize how they can impact and improve their world and the world around them. We'll provide random acts of kindness, posters, cards and other materials to help. Together we can plan events to raise awareness and prevent bullying leveraging things like the "Peacekepers Kit" and the "be a Raktivist" Kit. We can discuss how to organize and bring a peackeepers movie event to our area to bring awareness and aid in ending bullying and help each other walk in the shoes of another to inspire compassion. We'll provide fun activities and ways to get to know each other and use our brains to find ways that each of us can make an impact. The intention is to bring like minds, kids and teens together, help make friends and further spark kindness and positivity in our community. Discuss: How to be a friend / prevent bullying Kindness Challenge Volunteer opportunities Fun events as a group Lets see what we can do to help everyone feel accepted, promote kindness, have fun and make some new friends. Tools we can leverage and discuss: allows family activities, but children present at a Meetups must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. These events are family events.

This meet up is done VIA SKYPE - ONLINE

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