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Optimism & Positivity are ok.
Objectivity & Reality are better.

A) ~99% of startups FAIL.
B) ~100% of entrepreneurs BELIEVE they will be the 1% to succeed.
*[Editor's Note: A) + B) = C)RAZY!]

But, sure, let's just sit back and watch young/first-time entrepreneurs take the same collective approach every year - and let's hope those success/fail rates just magically improve! #SarcasmFont

You've heard the expression: "I wish I knew THEN what I know NOW."
Well, some of us have been around (in the Atlanta Startup Community) for a while now and we DO know (now) many of the things that younger and/or first-time entrepreneurs will one day be wishing they had known (then/now). And we have a lot of innovative new **S.H.I.T. to Share!
**[Strategies, Hypotheses, Ideas, Theories]




P.S. We also have a lot to teach and share about VIRAL products, VIRAL content, VIRAL marketing - (and VIRAL THINKING?!?) - as that is our personal area of expertise, having created 50+ Viral Ventures that have engaged more 500+ MILLION people!




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