MedTech's Got Talent - MiniHack


StartUp HealthTech, LanewayLabs and STC are excited to announce the MedTech’s Got Talent Mini-hack. Hosted by Swinburne University Innovation Precinct & Design Factory Melbourne, this half-day event is the perfect primer for the 'main event' coming soon.

Please register here:

This event is designed for any student, faculty or staff from a Victorian university, research institute or hospital.

Whether you’ve got an idea or not, you’ll learn about pitching, how to write a startup Executive Summary, plus we’ll have an ideation session to help you come up with an idea to pitch. And with a bit of power networking, we’ll help you find cofounders!

If you apply to MedTech’s Got Talent, you could win up to$60,000 to launch your idea. What do you have to lose?