What we're about

Together, we'll build your idea and help you earn your first € 1000 in revenue, for both non-tech and tech people, for free. Don't have an idea yet? We'll teach you how to find ideas and test their value before investing time/money.

We get together weekly and follow-up can be daily (depending on what frequency your project needs). We'll share our knowledge and experience about building bootstrapped startups and digital nomads (perpetual travelers) 🌏.

I'm bringing a good mood 🤗 and my experience in lean startups, landing pages, validation (leveraging an MVP to get paying customers before launching + at a minimal investment or zero cost), monetization, first users, content marketing, traction, communities, choice of technologies, architectures, scaling 📈, and no-code MVPs.

Questions about personal life and personal development are also welcome. We help each other be better people by being open-minded. 🧘

You just have to bring yourself, a positive mood and dedication. 💪 Be ready to have your ideas and assumptions challenged. We're not "yes people".

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