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⚠️ There are only 10 spots available! ⚠️ We're a small, close group to focus on achieving results. The Meetup for founders (or future founders) in Vienna! We get together and push each other forward with our startups by sharing knowledge/connections/tools, sharing actionable steps, and holding each other accountable. 📜 Plan for the meetup: If it's your first time joining, fill in this form: 1. Introduce yourself and your project. 2. An update round for those who participated last week. 3. We jump straight into productivity by going through your answers to the form above and addressing your questions and concerns. 4. We take a closer look at your goals and we brainstorm on how to get you to the next step (and what steps exist after it). 5. Define your single next best step to achieve. 6. A final feedback round where you can ask questions or give feedback. ❗ We're not a zoo: You don't look at us from the sidelines. We expect everyone to participate, no exceptions. What to bring: An open mind, a willingness to explore new perspectives. Be ready to follow through and take responsibility for your own success. ⚠️ First-timers: Participation costs € 5. And if you haven't filled in the form, your RSVP can be rejected/removed. We need to know who you are before we can give any meaningful advice. You'll have some time in between (and optionally afterward) to socialize. ☕

Grex Gym

Inkustrasse 17/8 · Klosterneuburg


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What we're about

Together, we'll build your idea and help you earn your first € 1000 in revenue, for both non-tech and tech people, for free. Don't have an idea yet? We'll teach you how to find ideas and test their value before investing time/money.

We get together weekly and follow-up can be daily (depending on what frequency your project needs). We'll share our knowledge and experience about building bootstrapped startups and digital nomads (perpetual travelers) 🌏.

I'm bringing a good mood 🤗 and my experience in lean startups, landing pages, validation (leveraging an MVP to get paying customers before launching + at a minimal investment or zero cost), monetization, first users, content marketing, traction, communities, choice of technologies, architectures, scaling 📈, and no-code MVPs.

Questions about personal life and personal development are also welcome. We help each other be better people by being open-minded. 🧘

You just have to bring yourself, a positive mood and dedication. 💪 Be ready to have your ideas and assumptions challenged. We're not "yes people".

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