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Meet your Match - Startup CoFounder Dating Lunch
• What we'll do We listened to the community and worked with input from other startups and are excited to launch our co-founder dating lunch meetup. • What is it all about? One way to leverage Meetup to help your startup or business is to find and meet people you enjoy working with or that fill a skill gap in your current project or business. This series is designed to help introduce people to each other so that people that need help can find it and people interested in helping can learn of opportunities. This series is designed to help you find your next co-founder, developer, or an ear to listen to. It does not matter, the point is to meet people and find connections that keep you moving forward. • How is this different from any old mixer event? We plan to help showcase opportunities and skills at each event. At each event we will give 6 people 60 seconds to pitch their message (what they can offer or what they need now). After that, people will be free to talk to anyone at the event or ask deeper questions of the ones that pitched. If you ever attended a Startup Weekend, you will be familiar with this format based on the first day. In addition, we are working on bringing in guest speakers, local businesses looking for help, and other exciting developments to help you find an opportunity or find the right person to add to your team. • Who is this for? For Startups and businesses that need long term partners, short term advice, or contract help. For individuals looking for employment, part time work, advisory services, or contract work. For everyone to meet new people they enjoy working with. This is not actually a dating event, but hey if you meet someone you like then great! • Why should I come? This is a rare chance to see what hidden opportunities are available and also to see the great talent we have in our area. You may find your next co-founder, the perfect web developer, or just meet a good smart friend. It also is not limited to the meeting only, often if we make a connection with someone it extends past the event to things you might not even expect. Our goal is to facilitate introductions. • Why would I want to be Showcased? Maybe you are a startup that is almost about to launch and you need a talented web developer to join - this is your chance to pitch the opportunity and get people excited. Maybe you are an expert DB developer looking to join a startup to escape your boring job - sell your skills. Maybe you have a project that is looking for paid short term work- Share the opportunity and see who you find. Maybe you have the next big idea and need a willing partner to dive in with you - Pitch it and see who steps up. • Should I bring People? Yes, Yes, Yes, this only works if we participate. Lets pack the place and see who we can meet and how we can help each other! To help us build excitement please RSVP in the event with the number of people coming or better yet have them join our community. • Is there a Cost? No, at this time there is no cost to come. • Who gets selected to be showcased? Since we have limited time and need to be respectful of everyone's schedule we have to limit to 6 total showcase pitches per event split between those showcasing opportunity and those looking for opportunity. • What to bring Business cards, work examples, portfolios, or anything you might want to discuss with someone. It is up to you on what you bring. • Important to know The first 6 people that respond and want to be showcased and make a pitch will get the spot based on the order of the RSVPs. If we have a large demand we can expand the list by a few. Each event resets the order.

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What we're about

We listened to our communities and have something special planned for the 805. How about a community where founders are matched with investors, developers, and co-founders. How about a community where you can find your perfect match to launch your startup, develop your product, or invest in that special team.

If that excites you, then join our community and help us grow to be more than a mixer, more than a social event, and more than a networking circle. We are going to become a marketplace of ideas, talent, and match making events.

It is not secret, teams and projects that succeed have something special that propels them above all obstacles and all doubters. What creates that? Why can a team of the best talent fail while a team of people with no experience succeed? There is no simple answer, but we do know successful teams bring the right mix of drive, passion, enjoyment, and talent. But even more important than those factors, successful teams and partners will create momentum that is greater than the sum of each person.

What will we do? We aim to create events and series that simulate challenges and accelerate interactions to help you find the right fit for your co-founder search or ultimate project team.

This community will be built around the energy you bring to it. Lets see what we can do and how many perfect matches we can make together!

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