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    Entrepreneur & Lead Software Enginner.
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    Hello I am new to the world of business and would like to learn about business to hopefully START my own business.
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    I am new to this Startup Lifestyle and have a great app idea to help women eliminate cramps...
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    I am an attorney that will work for food... :) Stock, and of course Money.
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    I work in the Public Relations Space and am looking to launch a PR product that goes viral-throughout all the social engines on the web!
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    Hello Everyone! My expertise is mobile app development for Iphone and android. As an organizer of this event I would like to wish all the startups great success now and into the future.
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    I enjoy creating products that sell themselves! Like the pet rock... it sold so much product !
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    Jose De Dios, is an investor of and a 20+ year serial entrepreneur that enjoys the challenge of creating change where it’s said “there is no room for change!” A wonderful human with a passion to help others obtain success.