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Stavanger Data Science meetup is a non-profit professional group that meets to discuss diverse topics in predictive analytics, applied machine learning, statistical modeling, open data, and data visualization. Our members are professionals, students, and others with a deep interest in these fields and related technologies. Meeting topics are varied and range from tutorials on basic concepts and their applications, to success stories from local practitioners, to discussions of tools, new technologies, and best practices. All are welcome -- to attend, to meet others, and to present their work!

Meet up with other data scientists who are passionate about data and eager to learn more about new techniques and developments in this field.

Link to meetup plan (https://github.com/helgejo/svgdatasciencemeetup/wiki)

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Search and Conquer ML Algorithms


Ethics in Emerging Technologies and a Data Driven Maintenance Case

Accenture Digital Hub

Operationalizing and managing ML models in production


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