What we're about

A group for all things filmmaking: filming, directing, writing, acting, producing and so on.

I’m a published author looking to write and direct short films.

I’d like to form a network with others, no matter their chosen role or level of expertise. We can make films together or just share our learnings and support one another in our projects!

You should join if you are interested in directing, photography, cinematography, acting, or any discipline associated with filmmaking, and are interested in gaining more experience in your chosen field by being involved in the making of short films.

At our events we will:

- Discuss what members want to get out of this group and how they plan to contribute

- Share/ plan short films we want to make and assign tasks

- Share scripts and other demo materials for critique

We could also plan trips to go see films at the cinema then perhaps discuss them in a cafe/restaurant afterwards.

Please get in touch if you want any further info, or have any ideas about locations for events/activities for the group.



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