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Into true crime? Check.

Prefer Ann Rule over Anne Rice? Check.

Find your husband's graphic video games more skin-crawling than a real life story of a serial murderer who crafted a necklace out of dried human nipples? Check. Maybe check? You'll get there.

I have seen every episode of Forensic Files, and listened to every My Favorite Murder podcast and have yet to find some Eastside friends who can simultaneously discuss What made Ed Gein want to wear his mother's skin, while laughing about starting a skincare line for serial killers, "A lotion in the Basket", or "Mama's Second Skin-with prices six feet below our competitors" are some amazing slogans that come to mind.

The main point here is *this* Mama is tired of polite conversation with suburban churchy bookclub moms. I'm no heathen, and I'm not knocking the good, God fearing folk of Duvall, but I'm super fascinated by true crime, psychology and comedy, and I'd like to share the company of some like-minded ladies who won't scoff at the drop of the occasional, well- placed f-bomb.

About me: I am a stay at home Mama with a 3 year old and eight month old. Previously employed at Microsoft and before that as a journalist for an iconic irreverent local newspaper. I love the outdoors, writing (usually satirical pieces or dark suspense), and I used to play music somewhat professionally as a singer songwriter. I don't drink, but don't mind being around it. I'm an introvert and being a stay at home mom to two really little ones hasn't helped me find that group of like-minded spirits, friendships I had expected would materialize magically after joining the motherhood club. All the groups I've joined thus far have turned out to be recruitments for either Mormonism or lotion selling pyramid schemes.

If you have had these same experiences, I would love to meet up, chat over coffee, watch some murder docs, trade books, or have our children play together while we do said things. The psychology of Murder and profiling..etc is just one facet of my many interests, and I hope our meet up would evolve into sharing many other interests, but if you are a fellow Murderino, I think it's safe to say we'd all hit it off right away.

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