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This is the, Young Minded, Meditation, Prosperity, Purpose Driven, Youthful Presence, Knowledge, Bio-Hacking, Goal Setting, Fun Drinking, Food Eating, Healthy Living, Abundance Group!

Ages 18 & ^ so that conversation can be open and not limited to any subject.

I'm looking for people like me, I find myself in conversation that is meaningless, around people who don't seem to have the same values as me, I value people who like to dive deep beyond the surface conversation and talk about Consciousness, Philosophy & Personal Experience. My out come is to build something long term, to form a friend group of like minded family, that can all have a space to talk and be heard & I'll be honest if we vibe and become a family theres no limit to what we can accomplish, using altered states to alter our future is not just a pipe dream that why this book exists! Although I am the creator of the group and will sometimes make sure everyone is being considered and heard. I want this to be a group effort in conversation. No one person will take over the group and become "the teacher" we all learn from each other.

I would love to do this once a week but I know we all have lives so twice a month is probably more realistic.

Heres how I see this going:
We all meet (at a to be decided location) do a little ice breaker exercise where we learn names.
Once we feel comfortable we listen to a 20 min guided meditation that will help everyone settle into the group consciousness.
Then pop up, shake it off, do some jumping jacks or jumping up and down to liven the mood and flip the switch into a peak learning state.
We pull out our note books and begin listening to our first audio book, Stealing Fire. after a chapter or two depending on the feel of the room.
Then we break out the food and wine and the Conversation can begin!

Once this becomes part of our lifestyle we can branch out and do Goal setting where we hold each other accountable and also get to be a part of celebrating each others successes! Even going on adventures together, like concerts or hikes! maybe even getting a budget together to hold interviews with inspirational people so we can learn straight from the source! The Possibilities are exciting so lets Create a foundation we can really build on!

A date and location will be chosen soon for our first meeting.

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