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Steampunk Cambridge is a social group for people to have fun together in steampunk-related ways: creating characters, making costumes, discussing books, hosting teas, and visiting Victorian and industrial sites. Using the steampunk esthetic to critique gender roles, sexism, colonialism, and capitalism is especially welcome. Come and enjoy!

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Jewelry City Steampunk Festival

Attleboro Public Library

Let's get together at the festival. More exact time and location of meetup coming FYI- Commuter rail goes from Boston to Attleboro https://jewelrycitysteampunk.com/

Unknown and Solitary Seas: Dreams and Emotions of the 19th Century

Artist reception at Radcliffe "Dario Robleto’s exhibition for the Radcliffe Institute examines the 19th-century origins of the pulse wave as a graphic expression of internal life. Robleto explores the profundity and confusion of this early moment, when ineffable emotional and sensory experiences first became visible as data. These waveforms eventually led to the voracious clinical data harvesting of today, but the earliest experiments were delicate and hesitant: pulse waves were traced into sooted paper with a stylus made of a single human hair, and scientists were not sure how (or whether) to interpret them. Robleto’s multimedia installation, based on extensive archival research, reawakens the intimacy, beauty, and emotional complexity of these first waveforms drawn from and by the heart. Casting them in steel and brass, printing and retrieving them from new layers of soot, and converting them into video and engineered sound, Robleto encourages us to attend to them with resonant forms of empathy, to reflect upon the lives of the 19th-century subjects who bequeathed them to us—and ultimately to imagine more heartfelt ways of inheriting and interpreting historical data." https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/event/2019-unknown-and-solitary-seas-exhibition

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Victorian Science: Assembling the Dinosaur

24 Oxford St

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