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Steampunks, Dieselpunks, and Airship Pirates in Orange County, unite! So far, we are 75 strong, but we know there are more of you out there, lurking in the gaslight shadows. Come in out of the cold. We are here to converse and socialize, to exchange ideas, to share resources, and more.

Steampunk enthusiasts are resourceful, creative makers. We can be even more creative and resourceful together. This Meetup group is quickly maturing to become a hub for how-to lectures and hands-on workshops, swap meets, joint shopping trips, etc.

Steampunk conventions in Orange County, per se, are sparse, but there are quite a number surrounding us (Long Beach, Riverside, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Tucson). So, one thing we do here is coordinate who among us from Orange County will be going -- just to satisfy the curiosity of knowing who we are, and also from the practical perspective of carpooling and such.

Additionally, we just get together for the hell of it. We pick a venue with a steampunk atmosphere (a list of them has been started here: ) and just chat while sipping tea and nibbling on scones.

The sky's the limit. (Just watch out for those air pirates.)

-- Begun this 26th day of December, 2014 (Happy Birthday, Charles Babbage!), by Mr. Norman Neville Lundy (a.k.a. Craig Jones); updated 5/1/2015.

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