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Join Us to explore the potential of Stem Cell Therapies & Nutrients that are considered revolutionary. This may assist the body's own natural healing processes, & may or may not involve medical procedures for affordable options. Join us for regular meetings where we can offer mutual support, explore research for specific issues, & share our experiences of accessing these modalities. Request information on particular issues for yourself, or others, as there may be research papers we can share, although rather technical.

Research shows that we constantly shed & re-new cells in the body, but normally, we no longer have fresh, complete units any more. It's a copy of a copy & getting old. But if Stem Cells are involved, fresh, new, perfect cells are made, as original as the day we were born. How healthy were we the day we were born, & how healthy are we NOW? Well, perhaps Einstein was right. Let's consider changing our beliefs: "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." Please Note, this is NOT an excuse to be indulgent, but an opportunity to CHANGE OUR WAYS, our DIETS, plus Exercise & consider we are "Powerful Beyond Measure", is that too much to ask?

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