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Are you looking for healing and balance in your daily life? We are a community of people using simple meditation techniques to create focus, calm and harmony in their lives. We host monthly classes where you learn one new meditation practice per month, with each month having a theme of healing, balance, abundance or happiness. Uncover the wisdom and healing power within you through simple meditation practices. Feel more peace, joy and fulfillment in your daily life! Receive the support and guidance from this Meditation Meet-up, which offers a step-by-step meditation practice every month to attain your personal and spiritual goals. Beginning through advanced meditators are welcome!

• Members receive reward points to participate in other related events

• Opportunities to learn and grow at your own pace through meditation

• Invitation to healing and meditation gatherings to meet other like-minded people

Karen Korona, M.S. has been a Holistic Health Practitioner providing holistic health and well-being programs to women, men and families over the past 32 years. She has trained with several prestigious physicians worldwide in nutrition, Ayurvedic and herbal medicine, homeopathy, meditation and yoga/movement, including Dr. Upledger, Dr. Nossaman and Dr. Lad. Karen has supported thousands of people using holistic healing therapies, meditation and movement techniques, guiding them to vibrant health, peace and happiness. She teaches classes, workshops and week-long retreats locally and internationally.

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Opening to the Light Meditation: Surrender to Divine Blessings

Online event


Have you been trying to connect to divine energies, but are feeling blocked? Are you ready to open and receive blessings from divine source? Join our meditation evening and learn how to release blocks and open the door to divine blessings. Our meditation guides you in connecting to your higher source and Universal creative flow to renew your life. Discover the keys to a happy and abundant life, and receive divine guidance for your path ahead! Newcomers’ welcome!

Goddess of the Light Wisdom School Gathering

Online event

Join our Goddesses Of The Light gathering! Light a candle as we share our gifts, hopes and dreams for our lives and the future of our world. Karen will guide you through a guided meditation and ritual in honor of your divine feminine and the awakening of the divine feminine spirit around the globe. Goddesses of The Light Wisdom School is a gathering of Goddesses from all backgrounds who desire to be a Server of the Light, Protector, Teacher, Mother, Healer, Guardian of the planet, animals and children, restoring spiritual balance and harmony on the planet. Our mission is to awaken the feminine spirit and celebrate her magical gifts, so she may embody her divine purpose and passion. Free Event!

Chakra Power Workshop - Enliven Your Body & Mind

Online event


Experience this Chakra Power Workshop to wake up your chakras and recharge and balance your emotional-physical-spiritual bodies! Learn a deeper understanding of chakras and how you can purify and build this spiritual energy force to lift yourself out of the density and into a new reality of creative flow. Discover ancient yogic and meditation techniques to transform your body, mind and spirit! Event takes place over two nights! Thursday 6/25 - 6:30 - 8:00 pm Friday 6/26 - 6:30 - 8:00 pm

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