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Welcome! Here's where to get the inside scoop on business messaging, effective media relations and successful do-it-yourself website design and management.

If you know my name, you've probably read some of the thousands of newspaper, magazine and other articles I've written as a reporter and professional writer this past 10 years. Or maybe you or someone you know has attended one of my writing, media-relations or DIY website presentations or workshops since 2012 (don't be fooled by impostors). Or maybe we're friends! And if we don't know each other yet, I look forward to meeting you for the first time.

Mine is a rare mix of professional insight, experience and instruction from the perspectives of writer, freelance journalist, website designer and businessperson. In my Weekend Warrior Workshops and ongoing First Friday Forums I merge this expertise in writing/messaging for business, media relations, do-it-yourself website design and content management for those of you on the front lines of communications in your own businesses. Some presentations/sessions are free (donations optional and welcome), and I offer my extended workshops at high-impact, bang-for-the-buck affordable prices. Essentially we'll be exploring the following:

• Writing for business messaging - "Your written and spoken public messages should reflect the level of professionalism and attention to detail that people can expect to find in all other areas of your business." What do you need to know about writing ad copy, website content, company "stories," emails, press releases and other messages that represent your business? With the ability to self-publish everything from business cards and flyers to news articles, media releases, online content and more comes the weighty risk of sabotaging your public image and detracting from your company’s real area(s) of expertise. Poor attention to detail in your public messages translates, to many, to a lack of attention to detail in other areas of your business. Low public opinion can generate diminishing income.

I'll get you thinking like a member of your target audience (including potentially influential members of the media); understanding the not-so-scary basics of grammar, punctuation and search-engine optimization; and writing and speaking more like a communications pro. I’ll clue you in with professional insights and instruction about how to avoid some of the most common errors in public business messages, why it’s essential to do so and how to get those messages right. Better yet: It’s easier than you might fear.

• Effective media relations and outreach - Anyone can publish like a journalist, but not everyone can write like one. I'll teach you how. Get the inside scoop on journalistic style, storytelling and approaching members of the media with quality, newsworthy and relevant ideas, pitches and content. You'll also glean essential insights about the roles and needs of journalists, the differences between marketing and journalism and much more.

• Do-it-yourself website design and content management - Your website speaks volumes about you, and it's a major "news and information outlet" for your company, its brand and its news. With a good understanding of how to optimize on-page and behind-page content for search engines and humans alike, you'll be equipped to easily create and/or manage your website's content with confidence and success.

Learn how all of the components you'll be exploring work together on your website to drive more traffic, help you be recognized by members of the media as a reliable source and more. For more information, join the group! Location information will be provided with "Yes" RSVPs.

"You're amazing; I'll help you prove it,"

Nora Firestone,
Professional writer, freelance journalist and website builder; developer of presentations and workshops in media relations, do-it-yourself website building/management, writing and copyediting for small business and more since 2012. Anyone else is an impostor! http://www.NoraFirestone.com

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