What we're about

This is a group specially dedicated to women interested in self-development and committed to personal growth, who want to be more in the flow of their lives.
My mission is to empower women to take control over their own minds, to help them experience more of the joy of life and a deeper sense of well-being.

This group is for you, if you:

• want to connect with like-minded women and foster a community where we grow and learn together

• are willing to work on yourself and overcome self-sabotaging patterns of thinking that have held you back in life

• are committed to walk the path of courage and transformation, instead of fear.

During the meetups, we will be using different tools from NLP, Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Counselling, to help you create empowering beliefs about yourself and what you can accomplish. The rest is up to you...
Please keep in mind the following rules:
-come with an open mind and heart, no judging or criticizing others.
-be courteous and kind with fellow participants
-every meetup is a safe environment for women to learn, connect and grow together and we want to keep it that way.

Upcoming events (1)

How to master our emotions

Needs a location

Are you owned by your emotions? In this meetup we will explore the inner world of our emotions, as we will discuss about EQ- our emotional intelligence and why is important to master our emotions instead of being slaves to them. We will learn about the relationship between our inner world and our outer world, how our emotions are formed as a reaction to an external event and how to increase our self-awareness and our ability to make a conscious choice of responding rather than reacting. This is a FREE event, for the purpose of connecting with like-minded women and fostering mature conversations. However, depending on the available venue, please keep in mind that you'll need to pay for refreshments/snacks during the event. Venue: TBA

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