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This group is for real estate agents and loan officers who want to grow their business. Stewart Title offers free classes throughout Maryland that instill good techniques and resources to take your business to the next level. This group offers a wide variety of trainings throughout the month, ranging from social media to farming.

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Stewart Now Mobile App training

Stewart Title

This class goes over how to use the Stewart Now mobile app to build your business and for farming purposes.

Just Got my Real Estate License...Now What?

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For Realtors that have had their license less than 2 years. Agents who need a refresher on ramping up their business, and the brand new agents who hung their license with a brokerage, but need assistance generating business and clients. We will cover strategies on lead generation, marketing to your sphere, warm calls, outbound marketing/inbound marketing strategies, using a real estate CRM, and creating a marketing budget. Lastly, we cover the importance of implementing technology into your business and what platforms can create the most exposure for you and your new business.

How to WIN at Farming your Real Estate Subdivisio

Stewart Title

Farming in real estate has been around a long time. Real Estate agents try many methods to Farm a subdivision. Many spend a lot of money and get little to no result. Why is that? Is there a right and a wrong way to Farm? Yes, there is. In this class we go over several effective strategies to get your message and value to homeowners in your target marketing area. We will cover inbound marketing strategies. Blogs, videos, and other effective ways to increase your online and social media presence. We will also cover outbound marketing strategies. What effective marketing messages to send these homeowners through direct mail, and how you will be notified of WHEN they open it. We tie in both of these strategies so that you WIN at Farming and become the go-to person in any area.

Brian Buffini's- The Pathway to Mastery- Essentials (Rockville class)

This is an 8 week course from renown real estate trainer, Brian Buffini. During the class you will learn how to: Generate a steady stream of predictable, high-quality leads. Work effectively with today’s buyers and sellers. Set yourself apart from the competition with negotiation strategies help you close more deals. Build a world-class business plan that focuses on both financial and time management. A separate email with a link to register will be sent to you. This class is $395 for the 8 week session. $295 for those who are members of Buffini.

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