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Welcome to STHLM.swift, a community for anyone and everyone who is interested in the Swift programming language. We are all about exploring Swift, sharing knowledge, and helping newcomers getting started.


When this group was created almost 4 years ago, Swift was still closed-source and synonymous with iOS development. This made it hard to organize group activities without having significant overlap with other meetups such as Cocoaheads and NSCoder Night.

The situation is different today. Swift was open-sourced a little over 3 years ago and its ecosystem has outgrown mobile development since. It's used today to write software ranging from Web and mobile apps to command line tools. Playgrounds have come a long way and can be used in a myriad of ways today, not the least of which is teaching programming to kids and adults alike.


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• Language features & evolution discussions and/or presentations.

• Workshops for Swift beginners.

• Workshops for getting started with contributing to Swift.

• Workshops for intermediate & advanced refactoring of open-source Swift code.

• Using Swift features to solve various problems such as graphics & animation, data manipulation, app architecture, testing, etc.

• Swift on the server (Vapor etc).

• Swift for scripting and CLI.

• Playground authoring & literate programming.

• Swift book club.

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