What we're about

Join in. Let's connect through our Discussions (to Message Board), see above. Here we discuss the Still, Soft Voice.

The group founder is Dr. Clifford Brickman, author of, "The Still Soft Voice. New Frontier of Self. Breaking through to the Inner Core of Consciousness." (Kempner Books, 2011)

The time has come for open discussion of essential human nature, the deepest Self in our heart of hearts, at the Innermost core.

Share experience about this Voice whether profound, everyday or transformational. Let's talk about ways to tune into this wise inner voice, and how to integrate it into our lives.

Open to people everywhere of all faiths, or of little or none, and to all cultures. The Inner Core belongs to all, and dwells within each of us.


* Kempnerbooks (c) 2012

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