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Stirling Mindfulness Meetup Group
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Yesterday the Prime minister announced strict new curbs to reduce the spread on the corona virus. The constant alerts and announcements about Coronavirus can be anxiety-inducing and leave you with a lot of questions — should I really be scared of the virus? What should I do to prepare? How will this affect me, my family and my income?

Since we are all now asked to stay at home we have a great opportunity to deepen our mindfulness practice. In particular it is helpful to work with our feelings during this period. It is not just anxiety that we experiencing at present. We will have feelings of grief, anger, confusion, depression and many others. Now is the time to turn towards all of these emotions and accept them as they arise. Now is the time to practice gratitude, appreciation and rejoycing in what is good. And now is also the time to open our hearts and be compassionate.

You are invited

On Sunday 29th of March I will lead an online meeting for those you who wish to come together and practise mindfulness and resilience together. For more information, please go here.
And remember that the clocks are turning this weekend!

May you thrive in life!