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Another venue will be at COL Training Center, 24F East Tower, PSE Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Every last week of the month. mostly Wednesdays. be sure to check out first the COL seminar sched by logging into this URL address: Once a month I go to COL (sa likod lang ng SM Megamall) to add to my portfolio and listen to Juanis Barreto re the most recent stock developments. Afters we can meetup and talk about the stock market. C U soon. Play Robert Kiyosaki's "CashFlow202"eGame Workshop: Fee:FREE (seats are limited) Reserve your seat and kindly text me [masked]) the following details to confirm...1.Name 2.Mobile Number 3.Age 4.Profession/Business Line 5.Company/Business Name/School 6.Why you want to attend Learn MBA (Money, Business and Accounting) Greetings everyone! We would like to invite you to one of our public events held at regular intervals. To start a business or do anything, you must start with yourself. Build your life plan. Start managing your life. Participate in a Cashflow202 eGame Gathering It's an educational electronic PC board game that teaches the basics of fundamental and technical investing plus how to take control of your personal finances, build a business through proper cash flow management and learn to invest with greater confidence in real estate and other businesses. CASHFLOW202 was created for the sole purpose of teaching financial literacy, be a master of money and elevate the people's financial IQ. It was invented by author of worldwide bestseller "Rich Dad Poor Dad". During the game, you can invest in the stock market, buy properties, be a broker and lend at the bank using virtual money. Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of money in an extremely simple and fun way may join. It has lots of information that will kick you in the seat of your pants and motivate you to get going. This is one of the Cashflow workshops in Cambridge Village that allows the public to have a first hand experience of Robert Kiyosaki's educational electronic PC board game. Leading researchers say that we can only retain 10% of what we read,but, 90% of what we experience. This game simulates real-life financial strategies in a fun exciting experiential way. You will learn how to achieve financial freedom by working for assets instead of money. Get out of the Rat Race and unto the Fast Track by making money work for you. Jump-start your financial success. Know the difference between an asset and a liability. Practice real-world investing. Increase your Financial IQ. I have read RichDadPoorDad Prophesies by Robert Kiyosaki. Asking will the stock market crash is like asking if winter will come again. HOW CAN WE SURVIVE AND MAKE MORE MONEY IN A BEAR MARKET (OR STOCK MARKET CRASH)?Pagkaalam ko ang BEAR MARKET is when stock market prices drop 20% or more. This decrease includes several major indexes (Eg.PSEi,etc.). It will be helpful to follow the Cut-Loss Rule of: SELL...SELL...SELL.....When the stock price falls 7% -to- 8% below the price of purchase! So even before a 20% decrease happens the investor should have abandoned positions and is now All-in-Cash. Next, when the prices hit bottom that is when the stock is bought back again. Gains in such a maneuver can reach up to 500%. I want bragging rights of surviving & making profit in a bear market. Pa share naman also how others did it. Will COL or TRC or PinoyInvestor be able to warn us that a market crash is happening.....sell back at an opportune moment? Let's meet up,play CashFlow and talk about the stock market.

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