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Anime fans, let's use this event page to discuss future events. We will use it as a discussion board, so please RSVP to this event and you will receive a notification whenever someone posts a message.

On here, we will discuss future anime gatherings and we want you to be involved.

So this event page is only a "dummy" page to gather all the discussions into one page. I will push back the date every week...

We essentially want to surround ourselves with people who engage in the discussions actively and we may host private gatherings that are only accessible to activate members.

On each meetup event, we tend to add one topic. Last topic was "what is your favorite anime". Do you have any topic ideas? Post them here!

Also, we have discussed the possibility of an "Anime club" concept. This means, we watch an anime (on our free time) and then we discuss it in an analytical fashion during the fika.