• Security Analytics, Search Applications + Statistics, and Log Management

    Join us for our next Elastic Stockholm meetup! We will have 3 presentations: * Talk 1: Security Analytics in Azure with the Elastic Stack At Collector Bank we are using the Elastic stack for many use cases, from application logging in our own products to Security in Azure. In this session we will focus on how we are working with Security Analytics and monitoring attacks and suspicious login attempts. Presenters: Tobias Berg - Elasticsearch Captain at Collector Bank I am responsible for our company wide Elasticsearch installation running on Elastic Cloud Enterprise. Prior to joining Collector Bank, I have worked with search solutions for about ten years. Sture Svensson - Elasticsearch consultant at Collector Bank I assist and help Tobias with anything regarding elastic, prior to this I have worked with various search solutions for about 10 years * Talk 2: How to Sharpen Your Search Applications with Statistics Presenter: Amelia Anderssons, Findwise * Talk 3: Log Management with the 6.x Elastic Stack The national institute for health and welfare in Finland is using the Elastic stack for log management of tens of servers and systems. The system uses Beats & Logstash for ingesting data into Elasticsearch and Kibana for analysis, monitoring and alerts. Let’s go through the system, architecture, project and share experiences for similar cases. Presenter: Melvyn Peignon, Curriculum Architect at Elastic Food and beverages will be provided. Thank you to Findwise for providing their space for the meetup! The Findwise office is on the 5th floor. If you have trouble with the entry phone, please call Johanna Hanson at[masked]

  • Log Management & Scaling with the Elastic Stack

    Join us for our next Elastic Stockholm meetup! Food and beverages will be provided. Agenda: 17:00 - Doors open, pizza, networking 17:45 - Talk 1: "Log Management with the 6.x Elastic Stack" by Ivar Ekman from Findwise 18:15 - Talk 2: "Scaling with Confidence" by Eric Westberg, Solutions Architect at Elastic 18:45-19:30 - More networking Talk 1 Description: "Log Management with the 6.x Elastic Stack" The national institute for health and welfare in Finland is using the Elastic stack for log management of tens of servers and systems. The system uses Beats & Logstash for ingesting data into Elasticsearch and Kibana for analysis, monitoring and alerts. Let’s go through the system, architecture, project and share experiences for similar cases.

  • Elasticsearch at Wayke + Recap of Elastic{ON} 2018

    We are excited to host a meetup at Findwise in the heart of Stockholm! Eric Westberg, Solutions Architect at Elastic, will give a talk summarizing the highlights of Elastic{ON} 2018. We will also have a talk by Torsten Landergren, Consultant and Elasticsearch expert at Findwise, on "How Wayke uses Elasticsearch". Wayke uses Elasticsearch to deliver all content at Wayke.se, but also to centralize logging from Kubernetes and present live analytics data to Retailers. We will shortly go through each of these cases and explain how Elasticsearch is used. Food and beverages will be provided.

  • Elastic meetup at Betsson Technologies

    Betsson Technologies

    Happy new year everyone! We're starting off the new year with the next Elastic meetup on February 8 at Betsson Technologies! Philipp Krenn, the Developer Advocate at Elastic, will be giving the main talk about how to monitor your services. There will be food and beverages at 6:30pm. Philipp's talk will start at 7:00pm. About Philipp Krenn: Philipp is a Developer Advocate at Elastic, spreading the love and knowledge of full-text search, analytics, and real-time data. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups about all things search & analytics, databases, cloud computing, and devops. Philipp lives in Vienna where he enjoys experimenting with software, organizing meetups, and sports. Abstract: "With microservices every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common banter. But it doesn't have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor Spring Boot applications, since they are increasingly popular for building microservices. We dive into: System metrics: Keep track of network traffic and system load. • Application logs: Collect and parse your logs. • Application metrics: Get the information from Boot's metric and health endpoints and store it. • Request tracing: Use Sleuth to trace requests through a distributed system. • Uptime monitoring: Use Heartbeat to ping services and actively monitor their availability. All the data will be aggregated and visualized in Kibana, giving you an all around view of your system. This meetup is sponsored by:

  • Elastic Meetup @ Findwise

    Findwise office

    We're happy to announce the next Elastic meetup at Findwise on December 8. We will have a talk from Svetlin Stefanov from Findwise and we will also hear Tobias Karlsson from Elastic speaking. There will be food and beverages, sponsored by Tradera, at 6:30pm. The talks will start at 7:00pm Talk 1: Elastic Cluster – Performance Testing (Svetlin Stefanov) In this session you will learn about performance testing your Elasticsearch cluster so that you can better plan the hardware and the settings of your going-to-production cluster. If you are already in production, the tests will help you identify better configuration options or will enable you to benchmark new search features so that there will be less surprises when these are deployed. We will go through the typical performance test steps and will end up with a performance test demo. Bio Svetlin Stefanov TBD Talk 2: What’s hot and new in Elastic Stack 5.0 (Tobias Karlsson) • New logos and branding as well as a version jump and synchronization across all Elastic products. • Working with ingest nodes and what they mean for Logstash. • Scripting reborn with the new language Painless. • Good bye TransportClient, hello Java HTTP Client. • Kibana’s visual overhaul and time-series with Timelion. • Metricbeat and other Beats improvements. • Metrics in Logstash and soon persistency. Bio Tobias Karlsson: Tobias works at Elastic, where he’s part of the Solution Architects team. He loves working in the intersection of technology and business, helping customers apply relevant technology to solve their business challenges. For the last couple of years he has been focused on solving large scale, near real-time problems with distributed systems.

  • Elastic Meetup med representanter från Spotify och Elastic.

    Vad? Elastic Meetup med representanter från Spotify och Elastic. Var? Den här gången är Expressen värd och vi är på Kungsvalvet på Hantverkargatan 52. För vem? För dig som jobbar med Elastic-produkter, eller är intresserad av Elastic, eller du som bara gillar att hänga med folk som gillar Elastic. Vad ingår? Du får lite lättare mat, snacks, öl/annan dryck efter tycke och smak, schysst häng med andra intresserade och spännande talks - samt möjligheten att under avslappande former prata med föredragshållarna. Vilka pratar? Laurent Ploix från Spotify pratar om logganalys i ELK som input till CI/CD* och Cristoph från Elastic drar nyheter från ElasticON i SF. Agenda 17:30 – 18:10 Registration & food 18:10 – 18:40 Elastic team summarizes ElasticON San Francisco 18:40 – 19:15 Laurent from Spotify talks about log analytics and ELK. 19:15 – 21:00 Questions, demos, beer and mingle *CI/CD: Continuos Integration/Continous Development: Buzzwords som syftar till programvara som uppgraderas ofta men lite i taget snarare än sällan i stora tunga releaser.

  • Meetup at Findwise

    Findwise Offices

    Join us for a meetup on 26 November! We'll have talks about the newly-released Elasticsearch 2.0. Save the date — more details coming soon. Agenda 17:30 – 18:30: Registration & food 18:30 – 19:30: Christoph Wurm presents the news in Elastic 2.0.0, interesting use cases, and some demos. 19:30 – 21:00: Questions, demos, beer and mingle Speaker Christoph Wurm is a Solutions Architect at Elastic, working with companies in EMEA and beyond to help them understand what it is and what it can do for them.

  • Elasticsearch Meetup #9

    Findwise Offices

    We are very happy to announce our 9th Elasticsearch Meetup in Stockholm! Huge thanks to Findwise for hosting us! Please ensure that you answer the RSVP questions requesting your full name and company name to attend the meetup. We collect this information for our own internal accounting. Your details will not be used for marketing purposes. We're still finalizing the details for this meetup. Current Agenda: 6:30pm: Registration, beers and snacks 7:00pm: Talk 1 (Meltwater) 7:45pm: Talk 2 (Expressen) 8:15pm: More networking, beers, and snacks Talk 1: A presentation about the work at Meltwater. Speakers: Anton Hägerstrand and Pelle Berglund. "From Meltwater, we would like to talk to you about challenges in the rollercoaster of maintaining a large scale Elasticsearch cluster. We've implemented custom plugins, back-ported features and spent hundreds of developer hours on configuration mistakes. Learn what queries will kill your cluster, and how to fix them." Talk 2: Elasticsearch at Expressen. Speaker: Joel Abrahamsson Hear about the current Elasticsearch work at the nationwide evening tabloid.

  • Elasticsearch Meetup #8 - The strengths of Analytics

    Findwise Offices

    We are very happy to announce our 8th Elasticsearch Meetup in Stockholm! Thanks to FIndwise for hosting us! Also, we are still looking for a speaker, so please send us a message if you are interested! Agenda 6:30pm: Registration, beers and snacks 7:00pm: Talk 1 (Elasticsearch) 7:45pm: "Ask us Anything" with Honza Kral and Mark Harwood 8:15pm: More networking, beers, and snacks Talk 1 - Mark Harwood (Elasticsearch) Title: Analyzing UK MOT data with Kibana 4 Abstract: There are 28 million cars on the road in the UK and they all need testing for roadworthiness each year. Using Kibana 4 on 37 million publicly available test records for 2013 we can reveal, amongst other things, which car makes are most reliable, who drives long distances after test failures and the rise and fall of manufacturers over the last 100 years Bio: Mark Harwood is a software engineer at Elasticsearch. Prior to joining Elasticsearch Mark was Chief Scientist at BAE Systems Detica, designing search and visualization systems on multi-billion document solutions for analysts in commercial and government clients.

  • Elasticsearch Meetup #7

    Spotify HQ

    We are happy to announce the 7th Elasticsearch meetup in Stockholm! Thanks to Spotify for hosting us and for Mehrdad Hassan Abadi and John John Tedro for organizing! Also, if something came up and you can't join the meetup you can also watch it online here: Link: http://new.livestream.com/spotify/events/3778541 Password: PhurbowgivAncijhi Agenda 19:00 Registration, Beer & Burgers (sponsored by Elasticsearch) 19:30 Talk: Spotify 20:15 Q&A 20:30 Meet and mingle Talk Speaker: Shay Weiss (Senior DevOps Engineer @Spotify) Abstract: This is a short talk about how my team uses Elasticsearch (with focus on Kibana), what we found that is good about it, what are the things we liked less and some lessons we learned. It's a short, non-technical talk and if you think it might be useful for you to hear what a bunch of engineers who have been playing it for a few months have to say about it, than it just might beneficial for you :)