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One thing for sure we will not do is meet at restaurants. Anything else is good
When denying the sense of taste that is a good time to explore the other four sense. How about a smell party smelling essential oils? Or maybe a foot rub party. Or maybe listening to bells. Pure tones go so much deeper when fasting. Also I will share some of my tips on fasting and you can share yours. Its really about meeting with a more enlightened group of people. When fasting, it's not the doing that is so important as the being. What we do is secondary. I am sure we will think of many creative ideas.

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    I have found nothing better than a weekly 24 hour fast on water for the mind, body, and soul. Fasting is a challenge. A support group is a big plus. Fasting will change your life. I have been doing a weekly 24-36 hour fast for 7 years straight not missing a week. I have learned a lot of good tricks to make the most of your fasting experience which I can share you. Want to transform and super charge your life? Allow you mind and body a break from the heavy work of thinking about,preparing, digesting and eliminating food. Many people go on these torturous 7 to 40 day fasts and then go right back to the eating habits before the fast vowing they will never do that again. I am not against these fast but I believe consistency is the real game changer. A consistent weekly fast will change the way you think about food and prepare you for the longer fasts which can be managed more more easily when your body adapts to the small weekly breaks. Eventually on the fast day your body does not want to eat. It enjoys the break. But that will take some time to develop that attitude. At first it can be hard and a support group is a big help.

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