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It's time!

We're back again, with three super interesting Java topics. Make sure to mark your calendar with the 17th of May! Hope to see you all there!


Title: Java 8 Behind the Scenes

Speaker: Joel Borggrén-Franck, Engineering Team Lead, Klarna

- Java 8 brought many new features to the platform, most notably lambda expressions. This talk is about those features but focusing on why they turned out as they did. You won’t learn how to write lambda expressions, instead this talk is about topics like: why there still are no function types in Java, how type inference has evolved, and why the speaker hates, and loves type annotations. The talk will also cover Java 8 from the perspective of someone who has worked with evolving a language and its core libraries, highlighting a lesser feature that may turn out very important over time

Title: Lesser known features of the Java language

Speaker: Andreas Lundblad, Software Developer at Oracle working on the javac compiler

- After writing Java code for more than 17 years I still learn something new about the language now and then. Either from reading others code or by discovering corner cases in the compiler implementation. In this talk I'll go through some of the lesser known features and oddities in the Java language and try to explain why it works as it does.

Title: Low-overhead Profiling with Java Mission Control & Flight Recorder

Speaker: Henrik Dafgård, Software Developer at Oracle working on Java Mission Control

Abstract: In this talk I will give an introduction to the Java Mission Control 5.5.0 (JMC) and Java Flight Recorder (JFR) tools bundled with the Oracle JDK (since 7u40), explaining how to use them to diagnose performance problems in both development and production environments without incurring a significant profiling overhead (<1-2%).