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Hi Image Creator!

Do you also need to walk 1 hour for 50 meters because you find on the way so much to photograph? :-D You see fog at 5 am and just run out in pyjamas with your camera? :-D Photography is your main hobby and now you want to meet other super dedicated creative image creators?! Than our collective could be the right thing!

This Meetup aims to be a concentrated group because the intimacy of small groups offer better conditions for dialogue than a mass touristic hike or photography marathon. Usually our Meetups end in discussions around photography and art in general and we are curious, experimental, alternative and very nerdy! Your personal and genuine engagement here is vital to make this platform a rewarding place for everyone <3 You can be shy, no one need take kick ass pictues, but you must be ready to challenge yourself creatively and meet in a group.

Don't expect us to make long hikes with our heavy gear: the credo here is " Restriction stimulates my creativity"- Richard Avedon. The less you have, the more your mind works and your intuition leads you the way. We also discuss practical stuff like how to behave to stay healthy when carrying around heavy gear etc.

So photography should be the hobby that gets the most priority, interest and engagement in your free time to make this here an active group. Your availabitly for this group is key and take initiative in the discussions are vital. It's not about taking the best photo but burn for what you do.

The deep believe in dialogue and learn with and from others build the base for developing your very personal style and view when it comes to photography and arts. This is a power that truly opens up possibilites and new views. You don't inspire people by revealing your super powers here, but you inspire people by helping them reveal their super powers! And that's only possible when truly dedicated and highly interested people meet up who are readyto open up.

All Meetups are planned to find favorable conditions (there is no good and bad weather for a photographer and artist ;) to take photos concering the location, how the light moves during day, the season, the moon during evenign and night, the milky way, the norhtern lights during dark periods and other aspects like gear, clothing, comfort, health/ weight, infrastructure/transport.

The most important factor is not possible to plan: surprises! And your intuition doesn't need a perfect plan, it is the plan!

Beyond the typical postcard information picture your motivation should be to create genuine images of personal style with creative approach and learn with and from others. This group is everything but touristing around in Stockholm and Sweden. We love to stay on a radius of 100 meters sometimes because restriction boosts creativity!

If you think that you are available with your time and genuine interest than this (Nature) Photography Collective could be your thing!

The profile questions are for YOU to decide if this group is for you and not for me (the organizer)- who am I to judge your work?! The questions shall help you to see if you truly have time to share your primary hobby with a Colllective of other photographers. Please take your time for the questions to support your genuine motivation. Answers with Yes or No will be ignored, sorry! But when you don't have time for this or feel uncomfy sharing your thoughts in a forum, than this group is not the right thing: we love discussion and exchange!

Everyone here in this Collective can start an event or workshop and it's highly apprectiated!

The annual costs to maintain the group on Meetup are shared equally between all members and are about 10 SEK per member/year.



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