What we're about

This group will focus on small businesses and individuals that works with OpenSource Software Services, and like to find colleagues to cooperate with, to be able to expand their business. There is so much knowledge out there, and so many people, working alone or in a small business, that lack competence and time to expand their business in the way they want. This group will change that! Our aim is to bring you together, for you to be able to form new business networks, or new companies, with the people that you wouldn't meet, if you didn't join this group! We will focus on business networking, but will of coarse also discuss technical issues, to be able to find people with the mind and knowledge that suits just YOU!

Upcoming events (1)

This will become our first meetup, and we'll form the organisation of the group.

We will startup very informal, to see who we attract, and discuss how we shall continue, and how the meetups will look like and what they will contain. I would also like some co-organizers, to get more ideas from, and to help organize GREAT meetups!