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Beginner workshop Studio/Model-photography

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Interested in studio-photography but no idea where to start? Then this is the opportunity for you! Together with CityStudios ( we will organise this workshop were we will get introduced to studio-photography and practice our learned skills with a model in the CityStudio. The workshop will be given in English and costs 360 kr.

In this 2 hour workshop we get first an introduction in the studio and then get to practise with a model in a full equipped studio. During the whole time an instructor is present so you can ask questions etc. So this is the ultimate chance to start: working with models, get an idea about studio lighting, and how to handle equipment etc. We will first start with this session but expect more to come adjusting to peoples interest and experience.

Since this is in a studio there is a maximum of 10 people (I will organise this one but will leave after everyone has arrived). If you are unlucky but really interested please sign yourself up to the waiting list for two reasons.
1. One of the participants might change his/her mind so you get a chance
2. I get an idea about how much interest there is for such a workshop and I will organise more of them if needed.

For people participating please read the next paragraphs carefully about terms and conditions as unfortunately this event is not for free and involves some regulations as we are working with a model.


• You need to bring you own camera and lens(es). The rest of the equipment is taken care of by CityStudios.
• The minimum requirements of the camera are:
o A socket to attach a flash on
o Be able to set and handle your camera in Manual Setting (if unsure read your manual beforehand).

• The costs of this event are 360 kr per person and need to pay in advance to me (Margit). I will then organise the payment with the studio.
• You need to transfer the money before the 10th of February 2013 to:
o Account holder: M.H Lampen
o Number: 5364-01 665 82 (SEB)
• Once you have transferred the money please send me an email ( stating which day you have transferred the money. The name of the account holder, and your name as it appear in the meetup group.
• If you have not paid before the 10th of February you will be removed from the list and if there is a waiting list the first on this lists gets the chance.
• If you have paid but are unable to show up it is your responsibility to get into contact with the first person on the waiting list and to receive the payment from them. I will offer no refund!!!

Since we take pictures of a model everybody has to sign a contract (will be provided) stating that the pictures are owned by you and the model. No-one of the involved parties is allowed to earn money by selling these photos but photos can be shared e.g. within our meeting group, facebook, etc by every party involved as long as there is a mutual consent.

Please provide us sufficient information to contact you if a spot comes available (for e.g. write your phone-number in the comment section).

If after all this still some questions remain do not hesitate to contact me ( or 0733398722).