What we're about

Welcome to the Stockholm Roleplaying Guild.

We're a group of people who are into tabletop roleplaying games.

This meetup group is intended to allow Tabletop RPG gamers of Stockholm to find an inclusive and welcoming space to game in, to join sessions hosted by its members, and to use our guild as a starting point to meet people and get your game on in the Stockholm region.

For more information please check the STORG Charter (https://storg.club/page/charter/) and—more importantly—our Code of Conduct (https://storg.club/page/coc/).


Roll well.

Upcoming events (1)

June session

Högkultur - Scen & Möte

WARNING: We reserve the rights to cancel our sessions on short notice in response to the development of the ongoing pandemic.

NOTE: All planning and table organization is done on our Discord. Discord is a free chat platform that runs on multiple platforms and devices. When you sign up for the event you will receive an invitation.

Hello everyone!

Another month, another STORG session.

We will be organizing the games via Discord. Anyone who wants can run a game. Both RPGs and mini games are allowed. Anyone can host a game at our meetups, just let us know. As always GM have final say on how they want to run their games and who is at their table, and we cannot guarantee seats for everyone, so sign up early and check the slack. And just in case: we have a selection of simple one-page RPGs on location.

We suggest you bring your own dice and writing implement of choice, and minis too of course if the game requires it, but it is usually not a problem to borrow if you need it. If you bring snacks or food please be careful if sharing, and ask your fellow players if there are allergies at the table before you dig in!

Please read our code of conduct (https://storg.club/page/coc/). We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and harassment-free environment. Adherence to the Code of Conduct is a condition of participation in any STORG event whether online or in person.

Note that our meetups are alcohol free events and that alcohol is not allowed at the venue.

The venue is entirely accessible with ramps.

You need to be 18+ to join.

This event is organized with the help of Studiefrämjandet.

We have a pay-what-you-want model for our events, suggesting 50 SEK per attendant. Swish and cash are both acceptable.

Hope to see you there!

Past events (74)

May session

Högkultur - Scen & Möte

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