Challenges in serverless computing, can we finally focus on just business logic?

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İbrahim Gürses Software Engineer from Thundra will talk about challenges in serverless computing and then give a demo of Thundra. Talk starts at 18.00.

Challenges in serverless computing, can we finally focus on just business logic?

The promise of every new tech in the software industry is to make developers focus on the business logic without dealing with the underlying platform. Serverless technologies are no exception.

In this talk, I will talk about my experiences as a developer while my development stack moves towards serverless technologies. I will talk about the pain points of AWS Lambda and how changing the mindset of old enterprise web development to developing for stateless event-driven systems helped me to reduce these pain points.

When serverless architecture gets bigger and more complex, troubleshooting when something unexpected goes wrong becomes the biggest challenge. I will talk about the difference between traditional monitoring solutions and serverless monitoring solutions and show a demo of our monitoring solution Thundra.

Bio :
İbrahim Gürses is a Software Engineer at Thundra, a tool to provide serverless observability for AWS Lambda environments. He has 8 years of expertise in software development with the architectural design of Enterprise Java web applications. He is the co-founder of Ankara Cloud Meetup. He is a fan of open-source and cloud technologies. Right now, he is interested and excited about helping serverless community about observability on AWS Lambda.