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UXDX conference Europe - Enhance your Process, Advance you Product
RSVP at The Nordics are doing it right when it comes to tech. The tech epicentre of Stockholm - containing Spotify, Klarna and King - had until recently the highest share of unicorns per capita after Silicon Valley. The region continues to be a hotbed for the next generation of startups in verticals like music, fintech and streaming. So what's the secret of success? Speed, quality, market fit? UXDX Europe will gather 1,600+ people across 9 cities in May and June for mini-conferences focusing on helping teams go from vision to execution in order to accelerate their product success. Join us on May 8th in Stockholm to learn more. IMPORTANT: This Meetup is hosted together with UX People and UXDX Conf and registration is done at --- SPEAKERS: Anna Sitnikova - Product Manager, iZettle Jan Tryggvason - Product Owner, Nordnet Parag Deshpande - Team Leader & Senior UI/UX Designers, Semcon Rory Madden - Founder, UXDX Ross McKinley - Senior Build Engineer, EA DICE Toto Castiglione - Senior Product Designer, Netguru AGENDA: 14:00. Arrival, Canape Reception 14:20 Introduction to the event 14:30 UXDX Methodology - Merging UX with DevOps Timelines and responsibilities 15:00 Problem to Vision- Qualify the Problem Space. Personas and User Journeys. Jobs to be Done. Design Sprint 15:30 Autonomous Teams - A place for design within the culture. From Command and Control to Mission Command 16:00 Break 16:15 Research & Monitoring -Focus on the current, primary business goal Conducting effective research (interrogation!) Sources of data - agile monitoring approach 16:45 Prototype - Lean prototypes toolkit (fake doors, paid ads, etc.) 17:15 Food & Networking 18:00 Build - Smallest vertical slices. Hypothesis driven development. Forget MVP - Earliest testable, usable, lovable product 18:30 Test & Deploy (DevOps) - CI pipeline 101 (Commit -> Unit -> Integration+E2E -> Manual Test -> Pre-prod -> Prod) Test Triangle and responsibility of execution / automation Environment management Automated Infrastructure 19:00 Launch - Failure stories 20:00 Networking RSVP at


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