• Workshop: What You Need to Thrive As a Freelancer and Entrepreneur

    Frey's Hotel Lilla Radmannen

    Freelancing and entrepreneurship should be careers that serve your goals and dreams, not the other way around We want to demystify the tools and habits that let you charge what you’re worth and ensure you always have paying clients. SUSTAINABILITY AND VALUE Two talks that give you the tools and mindset for a viable business: > Why Personal Sustainability Is Critical for Freelance Success by Beatrice Lugano, branding expert and business coach at http://www.beatricelugano.com > How to Create Value in Client Relationships and Raise Your Prices by Jakob Persson, agency founder and business advisor at http://www.leancept.com / http://blog.bondsai.io Full details and schedule are available on the Eventbrite page below. TO ATTEND, YOU MUST REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/what-you-need-to-thrive-as-a-freelancer-and-entrepreneur-registration-86674675287 PRICE 120 SEK plus VAT (deductible for businesses) SEATS The number of seats is limited.

  • Open session: Ask your burning questions on value-pricing and charging for value

    It's time for another open session where you'll be able to bring your own questions and discuss them with your fellow pricers. Suggestions for topics: - Switching from hourly billing to value-pricing - Value-pricing competitively when competitors compete by price alone - Communicating value to customers - Figuring out what a customer is prepared to pay These are just ideas to get your grays going. So try and come up with your very best questions and join us. Note: You have to join this group to see where this event is taking place. We'll be there at from 18.00 to 20.00. Feel free to drop in during the first hour. Tip: To make the most of this meetup event, consider writing down your questions beforehand.

  • Closing the deal: Value-based selling that wins work

    Welcome to our meetup event on value-based selling. This session will cover value-based sales meetings and conversations. I'll be sharing I've learned from successfully value-selling consulting services. • How to lead conversations to focus on value, not deliverables. • Why you should almost never use a sales presentation (PowerPoint). • How to empower buyers to buy, not being sold to. • The stages of a value-based sales conversation. This is a repeatable process. Bring a notepad. • Bonus: Why most quotes and tenders bore people to death. How to build a deck that engages. I'll be sharing some I've used with great success. This time we'll take a practical approach using a presentation/workshop format. If you have an irrational fear of post-its, attendance is not recommended. I encourage discussion, as always. So bring your questions!

  • AW on value-pricing and customer intimacy


    Hello everyone, July is vacation month in Sweden so I wanted to organize a last meetup before summer strikes us with full force and distractions. This time we're aiming for a simpler event so there will not be a presentation but we plan on making up for it with a great discussion. We ran over time last time simply because we didn't want to stop discussing the ideas Henrik presented. This meetup will be in the form of an AW (or "afterwork", a very Swedish phenomenon I've been told) and the idea is to continue the discussion about the relationship between value-pricing and the business strategy known as customer intimacy. Feel free to drop in from around 16.00 and join us for a discussion and a drink. We'll be hanging out at Ljunggrens in Götgatan. Slussen metro (southern exit) is across the street. I'll update the meetup event in case the location changes. If you're curious about the topic, I recently wrote a blog post on the importance of customer intimacy in service businesses and consultancies: http://www.leancept.com/blog/customer-intimacy-the-powerful-strategy-culture-and-art-of-highly-successful-service-businesses See you there! Jakob

  • Value-pricing and service design


    Welcome to our second meetup, this time on value-pricing and service design Our guest speaker is Henrik Eneroth, service designer at Antrop. Value-pricing is dependent on understanding the difficulties and priorities of the person sitting in front of you at the negotiating table. Service design as a process has come out of the same needs, and is developed on the idea that all value in services are co-created as a cooperation between the producer and consumer of the service. In this talk we will examine the similarities between value-pricing and service design and what we can learn from one another. We'll round it up with an opportunity for everyone to ask their questions and a round-table discussion. This time our meetup space is generously sponsored by Antrop (www.antrop.se), a leading service design agency that helps organizations create successful industry-leading customer experiences. How to find us: Use the back entrance to get directly to Antrop's offices. See this aerial photo for details: Looking forward to seeing you all again!

  • Introduction to value-pricing


    What is value-pricing (VP)? In what ways is VP better than hourly billing? What are some of the ways you can do VP? Join us for a presentation and a round-table discussion of these ideas.