0x20: Static typing + Interfacing (C)Python && High performance networking TS

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Prevas AB

Löfströms allé 5 · Sundbyberg

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a short walk from Sundbyberg

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Welcome to our 26th meetup with talks and socializing!

I am very happy that with Prevas AB, https://www.prevas.se, we have a new event sponsor providing a venue and something to eat and drink for the evening. Thanks a lot Prevas for having us!

And, of course, we will again have an exciting and interesting program.

17:30 door open, meet and greet
18:00 - 18:10 Intro and sponsor note
18:10 - 19:00 Arda Aytekin: Cython: Static Typing and C/C++ Interfacing in (C)Python
19:00 - 19:45 Mingle, food
19:45 - 20:30 Arvid Norberg: High performance networking TS
20:30 - 21:00 Fade out

as usual, times are relative ;-)

The program in detail:

Arda Aytekin: Cython: Static Typing and C/C++ Interfacing in (C)Python

Writing C++ libraries is fun --- at least, we, StockholmCpp members, do it and enjoy it all the time! Yet, we may still have our friends who prefer dynamically-typed, higher-level languages such as Python and need some performance improvements from a statically-typed, lower-level language. In this talk, I try to cover the basics of Cython, a superset of the (C)Python language, to show how easy and intuitive it is to (1) tightly glue together C and C++ code with (C)Python, and (2) statically type parts of the (C)Python code to improve its performance.
Arda is a post-doctoral researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology . His expertise is in the analysis and implementation of asynchronous algorithms for solving distributed, large-scale optimization problems.

Arvid Norberg: High performance networking TS

In this talk I will share my experience of boost.asio's networking TS from my work on libtorrent, a network-centric library.
It will contain practical advice on how to avoid composibility- and performance pitfalls as well as ways to simplify error handling in asynchronous code.
The model of holding every I/O objects by a smart pointer and have its lifetime be tied to asynchronous operations does not compose well, and works best at the top-level of applications.
I will cover efficient handler allocation, effective error handling.
Arvid is a C++ veteran of 20 years, with an affinity for distributed systems and works for a block chain startup in California. On the side he maintains a C++ Bittorrent client.

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