What we're about

I'll be running a EPIC and I mean EPIC Large Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Campaign!

This is a 6 Part (adventures) Campaign, which will take roughly 1 1/2 years to complete!!

We're looking for the following players (yes we're going to be selective):

1) Mature Players
2) Experienced Players
3) Social Players
4) Players whom give others a chance to speak also
5) Players whom concentrate on the game
6) Players whom can play 2-3 times a month, for 5-8 hour game sessions
7) Players whom RARELY miss game sessions
8) We MUST all get along, those whom can't will be asked to not return

For those whom fit our NEW D&D group we look forward to one HECK of a Dungeons & Dragons Campaign you won't soon forget !!

Ken & Lea

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