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Practical Stoicism for Everyday Life
While each day--indeed, each minute--offers an opportunity to reflect on what one chooses to focus upon, it is culturally encouraged to do so at the turn of the year. While I have read that "resolutions" are not a particularly Stoic approach to living one's life (for reasons I'm not prepared right now to articulate), I see nothing wrong with using the new year as a reason to examine and discuss practical Stoicism in a modern context. I believe I'll be able to suggest to advance reading to you, but want to go through a bit of the writings that I've seen to make sure that they have the value that I think they do. I have some time next week to read and relax, so I'll review it all and report back. We'll get together and talk about the many simple ways in which we can live life more Stoically, with more fulfillment and purpose and virtue. Feel free to arrive with some examples of practical Stoicism from your own life. All the better if you can tie it to a passage from Marcus or Seneca or Epictetus or any other author; though don't feel that the lack of a connection should in any way keep you from sharing your own practical advice.

Meeting room 3-10B, Calgary Central Library

3-10B, 800 3 Street SE · Calgary, ak

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    This group proposes to organize regular meetups and discussions among the Stoic-minded people of Calgary and area. The form and format of the group must yet be determined. Having looked over similar groups in other cities, it would appear that common and popular events would be simple discussion-based meetups, along with the possibility of speakers and book clubs.

    Please note that we will require active participation in order to remain a group member. That's because once we hit 50 members, the cost to keep the group on Meetup goes up another 50%. Every month I'll be reviewing membership and removing anyone who has not been on the page in the last three months. If we have a large group of new joiners, I may cull even more aggressively. The point of Meetup is to meet up, so the best way to not get removed is to show up to our events. Should you get removed and want to rejoin, please feel free to do so. Then pleeeeaaase come to an event. We'd love to see your face!

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