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New Location!
After a very successful test last week, we have now changed the Friday PM location to Memorial Park! Their gated playground includes swings, slides and a clambering structure which is great for the little ones that love to climb. We may revisit Ishihara in the future - but this will be the new regular location (until we get back to Stoner of course!) ** Please note: car park entrance is on 14th, just near Olympic ** 🎈It's small but *completely gated* (single gate) and is perfect for any mamas/papas who have toddlers as well as tiny babies to look out for... 🎈PLAYGROUND : • The gated playground is right next to the car park (entrance on 14th). • The surface is all 'soft-top' with some benches. There is no grass. 🎈RUNNING LATE ? • Join us anyway! Trickle in when you can :) 🎈FIND US : Look for the balloon on my stroller. 🎈PARKING : There is a car park on site (entrance on 14th). 🎈BATHROOMS : They have them! woop woop!

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