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Stop Growth of the Amazon Monopoly!
• What we'll do We will discuss 1) the Amazon Monopoly and what are the effects 2) flyers and public awareness and 3) next steps for antitrust lawsuits and public pressure on the DOJ • What to bring A need to serve the community by not just donating to charity buy preventing the need for charity in the first place by trying to have people keep their jobs.... • Important to know Please don't just come to vent we need to get things done and help out our community!

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Amazon is a monopoly and continues to grow. The Amazon umbrella includes Alexa, Zappos, Whole Foods, and the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos's empire is 105 billion dollars and he is an investor of Google, Airbnb, Uber, and the Business Insider. The middle class is being eliminated - Why? Because we keep padding Jeff Bezos's pockets as he eliminates jobs and laughs his way to the bank. Retail jobs are 10% of the economy yet stores are closing at record rates (Arden B 54 stores 2015, Loehmanns 39 stores 2014, Macy's 68 stores 2017, Circuit City 567 stores, Kmart 109 2017, Sears 41 stores, JCPenny 140 2017, Borders 399 stores 2011). We cannot continue to watch as jobs are being eliminated and other industries such as restaurants and commercial real estate suffer as middle class jobs go by the wayside. Don't sit by and fund GoFundMe campaigns as we simul

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