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People who stopped smoking should consider joining this group. I’m on day twenty and still struggling! In between friends who either smoke or don’t; both don’t get it!! So if your struggling reprogramming your brain to support a nonsmoking way of life, then join this group.

How? Is open for discussion. Meeting up? Absolutely! It helps me to get out and break the norm! Meeting people who are on the same road, and comparing what works and what doesn’t helps; and I mean really helps with finishing another day without smoking.

The first event is open for discussion. One idea, considered a challenge for me is potentially meeting at a favorite café over coffee. I associate coffee with cigars; wrecking havoc in my brain, however, I’m working on successfully entering a cafe, ordering my favorite cup of coffee and sitting down and enjoying myself. So far? I’m alone and it sucks!

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Just GO SUP in Lagoon

The Lagoon

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