Psi*Run S2


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Psi*Run is a game about super-powered amnesiacs trying to puzzle out who they are, all the while running away from a group chasing them. It takes 3 - 5 players. The game takes 5 to 6 hours to complete but we can break that up over a few weeks (it will probably be a 2-shot).

This is session 2 but new players are welcome! Whether this will be your first time or you've played the game before, if it sounds interesting to you, sign up!

Gar (55): Long grey hair, full beard, tall and strong. Power: Control electricity. Last had a haircut when he lost his family.
Oswin "Oz" (20's): Pink Mowhawk, dark brown skin, waterproof shoes, lightning tattoo on face. Shoulder impaired for the game from uncoupling train. Power: Can run on any surface by making gravity point in that direction.
"Indy" (15): Slim, lanky, moon-faced kid. Power: Velocity transmutation.
"Freesh" MiPi Chess (30/2000+): Irridescent skin, hairless, unaging, 7 feet tall. Power: Control/communicate with animals. Has writing tattooed on legs from Atlantis.

The story so far:
We are in a futuristic city with underground traffic, about a foot of on the ground and trains running about 3 floors up. There are lots of parrots and lightning and neon. The team started in a garbage scow, the drivers were hit by lightning and the ship crashed into a the side of a building.
Crash -> Mall -> Food court -> Bridge -> Train (derailed into the sea)-> Atlantis

You don't need to bring anything or know the rules. I'll have blank character sheets (and more risk sheets!) and plenty of dice. If you have the rules and want to do a read through, that's great but not necessary.

Geeky Teas charges $5 as a cover (payable directly to them upon entrance).