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Welcome to our StoryJotters: Memory Keeping Moms & Grammas Community, exclusively for sentimental women interested in preserving moments of their personal and family’s life... WITH EASE, and who will get energized by reminiscing together as we build our collection of family memories & mini-stories!

Hi! I’m Katie Chambers, family photostory organizer, legacy of memories mentor and founder of Memories to Legacy. This is a space for our warm, sassy, cozy & supportive community to discuss & share about ALL things related to our memorykeeping journey. Whether you’ve been memorykeeping for ages or wanting to get started, you're welcome to join in!

There will be mini-trainings and virtual jottings sessions on Zoom (for now) & lots of opportunity for you to share your memorykeeping methods, tips, frustrations, questions & favorite family moments with each other!

This Community is for YOU if:

>You’re a sentimental Mom or Gramma who loves the experience of being YOUR FAMILY. You know you want to remember every bit of it, so you’re always trying to hold onto the moments that are making it who it is.

>You’re deeply caring, willing to share from your heart, and wanting to create something meaningful for your family to remember how much you've loved them & the moments you’ve experienced together.

>You’ve been striving and working diligently at your journaling, scrapbooking or photo snapping. But sometimes you feel like what REALLY MATTERS to you, what you really want to capture, just somehow isn’t being reflected.

>And sometimes it feels like time is running out and you’re worried that memories will be lost. You don’t want to spend more time & energy...always feeling behind, while today’s moments just flit on by. So many memories...so little time!

>You enjoy re-living, sharing & passing on snippets of life that have meant something to you in ways that create energized, deeper-connected families!

Is that YOU?

Would you love to find a community of like-minded women where you can discuss & share about all these things, and make some new friends along the way?

Then I’m looking forward to having you join us & to connecting with you as we encourage each other along our family photojotting journey!

JOYfully jotting,

Katie Chambers

P.S. I LOVE sharing memory keeping tools & opportunities, so check these out!

***Download my FREE GUIDE 3 Simple Steps: Start Your Family Mini-Stories Collection at https://mailchi.mp/memoriestolegacy.com/freeguide (https://mailchi.mp/memoriestolegacy.com/freeguide?fbclid=IwAR1gQXs1VRYQyL2TsZzgMqZrlA1u70bPyhOSv6pAwxkZFMEaQkwOALB4ico). It’s a great framework to jumpstart going from a memory to creating a legacy...a collection of family moments you can reminisce around with family now & preserve for future generations to enjoy.

***Would love to also have you join our private StoryJotters Facebook Group for even more fun & inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StoryJotters/

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