The Cosmonaut (Transmedia Movie) Private Screening

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THE COSMONAUT is an independently produced sci-fi/drama, taking place in the 1970’s. It involves three main characters, two whom work within the Russian space program. (Full synopsis below.)

This is a film that was able to be made in large part due to crowd-funding. Thanks to over 5,000 people spread all across the world, the filmmakers (Riot Cinema Collective, hailing from Spain) were able to raise enough money to make the film. After four years, their long journey is just about over, with screenings of the film being planned for all around the world in mid-May -- just days before the film is made available online.

The Downtown Independent has been kind enough to allow us to screen the film in their theater. So, come out and check out this cool independent film at this cool independent theater!

Some kind of party will follow the screening. Details still to come. Stay tuned to this page, and we’ll update it as soon as we know the plan.

Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to invite your friends!

For more information on the screening, to see the trailer, and to buy tickets, go here: (

YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR TICKETS: Tickets are $10, with a small service charge. Tickets are first come, first serve and there will be a limited number, due to limited seating in the theater.

Synopsis of the film:

"The Cosmonaut" is a story about desire and memory -- even those memories that exist only in one's imagination.

It is October 1975, as Stas prepares to become the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon. Andrei, his best friend, leads the mission from the ground. In the tense last days before departure, Stas thinks about Yulia, the woman they both have been in love with for more than ten years.

At first, all seems well with the mission. That is, until two days after takeoff, when the spacecraft loses communication with Earth. For seven months, Andrei and Yulia look for Stan day and night without rest, until...